Thursday, October 21, 2010

Paxton's Bathroom

This is Paxton's bathroom. She is at that fun little tween age. She wanted something fun and fresh. I think we managed to do that.

A bathroom is a great place to take a risk. If you are a lover of color, but afraid to have color in your home...have fun infusing color in your bathroom. You and your guests won't be spending tons of time in this area. I think people expect something fun in an often small space.
Adding a turquoise glaze infuses a traditional touch, custom glazing, in a more modern way.I love that even the ceiling is engaged in this space.The pictures don't quite to this justice, but synthetic glitter is hand blown into the paint to add a little extra sparkle, like in the chandelier.Thank you Taylor for taking pictures of some recent work. More updates to come...

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