Wednesday, October 27, 2010


This is Drake's room. Kay, Drake's mama, is BFF with my SIL, Leeanne. See how we are all connected? :) Kay is from California and wanted a simple beachy feel. She found the surf board that the name is tacked to and we painted it to match the color scheme she had in mind.
One of my favorite things about this room is that it reads baby and masculine at the same time. That is not always an easy thing to achieve. I also love that this room will grow with baby Drake as he gets way too cool for a nursery. That never happens though, right? Ave, Hank, Owen don't get ANY ideas about growing!

Kay found the round rug that is in the floor. I think it was an excellent choice. Putting an organic shape in with all of the hard lines of our stripes softens things just enough.
The surf board for the name was truly an excellent find. I love that although the surf board was originally bright pink and green, Kay was not afraid to make the purchase! Kay had the vision to spot an excellent piece that fit our overall look, knowing colors can almost always be changed. I also like this piece because it echos our theme in a sophisticated manner. I am all about using found objects and infusing three dimensional elements into two dimensional spaces!
Baby Drake, we hope you get here safe and sound! Can't wait to meet you.

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