Monday, October 25, 2010


I really wish I had a picture of Hudson at the top of this post. Hudson is by far the cutest part of this room. Imagine huge blue eyes, bleached blond curls and a little voice that says "hi!" when you walk in the room. So cute! This room was for my client, and now friend, Casey. She wanted a blue and brown theme.
I added a touch of metallic paint to portions of the brown detailing. The light will catch it just right for subtle interest in the pattern work.
This was a fun twist on a traditional stripe pattern. Something as simple as adding scallops to a stripe can turn an often seen design into something custom and special. I was so sad when this project was complete. I became spoiled rotten working with someone I developed a fast friendship with.

Enjoy your Monday!

PS Please visit Taylor at to drool over more of her fabulous photography! Thank you, Taylor for sharing your talent with me.

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