Monday, November 7, 2011


i promise, i will be back. and i have TONS to share. no clue where anything winter clothes, really anything. didn't think about that one when we packed up. we will have internet one day, and you will love all the rooms i've been working in. kiddies galore and some fab furniture!

every post should have a pic, so here is mine. my aunt says that i won't ever have a baby that looks more like me than my hanky p. for those of you who don't know, hanky p (otherwise known as hanky, hanky pank, or hank) is one of my three beloved nephews.

hanky left, linde right
also, hanky is a gentleman and does wear pants. he was at his check-up...hence no pantalones.
what do you think?

he also only eats cheese and bread. no resemblance there.

notice the womble nose, it makes a v shape. always. from nostril to nostril there is a little "v." it is their little stamp that makes no one doubt michael is their daddy.

anywhoo, there is an update. more to come. two weeks and we are in. then, updates galore.

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