Monday, July 25, 2011

campaign style side tables

when i found these campaign style dressers in a thrift store, i had to do the "deep breath, be cool, go ask how much they cost" self talk. do you ever have those moments(i hope someone nodded)? i knew the second i saw these dressers that they would go from this:
these dressers are not identical twins. i found them on opposite sides of a thrift store. they are similar in size and style but have subtle variation...this makes them the perfect match in my book! 
to this:

i had a hard time getting good shots of these with the lighting and my poor photography skills. the stripe colors are creamy white and deep navy... the hardware is antiqued brass
 of course, allison styled the side tables incredibly well.

 the tables flank either side of her bed. they could also easily be pushed together and used as an oversized, 6 drawer dresser.

i was preparing for the dallas flea when i found these dressers and could not wait to refinish them and take them to my booth. brittany is a mastermind and create the coolest, chic flea you will find. if you have never been to the flea you MUST come check it out! the next flea is september 24th at south side on lamar. i i will be there! come check us out!

allison, thank you for helping make my first flea a success!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vintage Chairs

 problem: vintage chairs need some love
solution: refinish wood, metal legs and reupholster
 these babies were tricky. the old finish didn't want to let go, and the new finish didn't want to adhere. i used a few tricks and got everything to come together. don't they look fresh?
 the old upholstery was bad all the way through, so i put in new foam, batting and then fabric. i love the fabric allison chose.

a few around the table
we debated refinishing the metal on the legs...i'm SO glad i did.
allison and i both have a thing for mid-century, modern design...i kind of wish i had most of what is in her house.
loved working with you, allison!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Asher, Safari Suite

problem: asher needs a jungle/safari theme to make his new nursery complete
solution: hand painted detail on the walls...

the plan


a closer look
 the monkeys in the room have gingham bellies and faces, like the monkeys in his bedding

i am a sucker for hand painted letters in a child/baby room. they are painted on wood, you can keep them forever and always have a special memory of baby's first can even have the space painted where baby's name will go and add the letters after baby is born if the name is a surprise!

ideas and themes can be interpreted into a space, a million different ways, based on a client's taste. look at this jungle theme incorporated in a room in a completely different manner. pretty cool, huh...
different strokes for different folks!
we did some hand painting in asher's bathroom as well! pics to follow...
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Alexandra's Dresser

remember alexandra's room. well, i painted a dresser for her also.
problem: love that dresser, but not that finish
solution: refinish the dresser with colors from the mood board


this piece is much cuter in alexandra's actual room(rather than in my studio), but you get the idea. alexandra also has bubble gum pink, crystal knobs installed on the dresser(not seen in this pic).

 the details are what make a hand painted piece special, notice the slightly distressed edges and transition areas...
it's both economical and sentimental to re-purpose an existing piece. this changing table will have many a memory between big bro and lil sis!
bright white and rich pink will always have a soft spot in my heart!

ps if i had permission, i'd post a pic of the little alexandra right here. think a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e!

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Monday, July 11, 2011


probelm: mama is creative and wants to decorate daughter's nursery, but she also wants help
solution: create a mood board, which serves as a map for mama to decorate room

mood board


in progress
if you look on the dresser in the left of this picture you can see the letters that will go in the bubble gum pink circles painted on the wall...

you can't tell from this photo, but the ceilings are quite high in this space. this light fixture lightens this space and adds the perfect texture and shadows to the chocolate walls. a huge part of me wants to buy this light fixture and stuff it under our bed until we have babies!

 i love the way the three dimensional butterflies from turned out. we bought them from etsy and then i hand placed them on the wall.

somehow, i got distracted while there, and only snapped photos of this wall. we still have to tack the letters "alexandra" inside the pink circles. i will update this post next time i am out there and will post the finish product along with her brother's room!

ps before and after of her dresser coming wednesday!
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Allison, Sisters

remember andrea's piece? today is allison's post. allison is starting a new adventure in houston and wanted to take this dining set along.
problem: love grandma and her dining set, but that finish...not so much
solution: custom refinish chairs and table in ivory with pops of gold


in progress


allison, i hope houston is treating you well. wishing you all the best in your new adventure!
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