Monday, July 11, 2011


probelm: mama is creative and wants to decorate daughter's nursery, but she also wants help
solution: create a mood board, which serves as a map for mama to decorate room

mood board


in progress
if you look on the dresser in the left of this picture you can see the letters that will go in the bubble gum pink circles painted on the wall...

you can't tell from this photo, but the ceilings are quite high in this space. this light fixture lightens this space and adds the perfect texture and shadows to the chocolate walls. a huge part of me wants to buy this light fixture and stuff it under our bed until we have babies!

 i love the way the three dimensional butterflies from turned out. we bought them from etsy and then i hand placed them on the wall.

somehow, i got distracted while there, and only snapped photos of this wall. we still have to tack the letters "alexandra" inside the pink circles. i will update this post next time i am out there and will post the finish product along with her brother's room!

ps before and after of her dresser coming wednesday!
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