Monday, July 18, 2011

Asher, Safari Suite

problem: asher needs a jungle/safari theme to make his new nursery complete
solution: hand painted detail on the walls...

the plan


a closer look
 the monkeys in the room have gingham bellies and faces, like the monkeys in his bedding

i am a sucker for hand painted letters in a child/baby room. they are painted on wood, you can keep them forever and always have a special memory of baby's first can even have the space painted where baby's name will go and add the letters after baby is born if the name is a surprise!

ideas and themes can be interpreted into a space, a million different ways, based on a client's taste. look at this jungle theme incorporated in a room in a completely different manner. pretty cool, huh...
different strokes for different folks!
we did some hand painting in asher's bathroom as well! pics to follow...
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