Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New Mama Must Haves

post signaturei was recently asked to put together a list of some must-have items for new mamas. here is a list of some of my very favorite items... 

but, first...no post is a post unless it has a picture:) here is days old abbe lee, captured by our beloved lisa woods of lisa woods photography.

my number one must have is square one at watermark community church. if I could only have one thing as a new mom, this is it! you don't need to be a church member to participate. i made wonderful friends and received amazing new mom advice. i'm now best friends with the girls who were in my group. 

(the rest of the list is compiled in random order. love ALL of these items!)

1. chatbooks via instagram 
allows you to capture so many great life moments with so little effort at a really affordable price
my babes can drink out of this when they are tiny! you can replace the straws as they break. it was the only cup we used with our son for ages.
i make all of my baby food at home. i just purchased this baby food maker and it is a total game changer. love it.
these bags contain any smell and any mess. they also go into the wash. i keep one in the car for those moments you hope you never have. they also work great for containing soiled cloth diapers until time to wash at the end of the day. i like the large and medium sizes.
man, i love these. velcro is key and a zipper at the bottom is amazing. allows me to change baby's diaper in the night without undoing the swaddle and disturbing the baby. the velcro is also really hard to break through for hudini babies. 
my big boy loves to push this stroller where the car seat snaps in to the base, keeping him in view and safe in a parking lot. the baby snaps into the stroller in their carseat with ease, allowing me to transition baby from car to stroller, easily(and without waking a sleeping baby). there is a cup holder...need i say more? it's also light weight and inexpensive, as far as strollers go. i bought the graco brand since i have a graco car seat.
this product does away with any odd bump or rash on my baby, including diaper rash.
cradle cap will disappear in days with this product! the bottle of shampoo also lasts a surprisingly long time.
i love this for days when baby doesn't take a real bath. i just wipe baby down with some of the wash, then apply lotion and snuggle baby in for the night.
these really do work so well for night time. the overnight diapers keep my baby comfortable for at lest 12 hours.
sounds crazy, but water drinking is a must for nursing moms. love this specific one because I can open it with one hand while i nurse.
these are amazing. so fast and easy. great for pump parts, bottles and pacifiers. 
13. ergo
love this...especially now that we have two babes. i can safely and comfortably carry my baby anywhere in the ergo.
this stroller is amazing. i love the single and the side by side double for the both kids. really easy to navigate and folds up easily(the single folds with one hand). great for walking and exercise. both strollers push easily and smoothly on rough surfaces. love the city mini single and side by side double.
15. go pod
i keep this in my car. i use it at the pool and the lake. at friends houses, Bible study. anywhere and everywhere. my babies start using it when they are 4 months old.

hope you enjoy!