Sunday, December 25, 2011

merry christmas

merry christmas to you and yours. 

marriage has taught me much about Christ's love. Christ loves us at our worst, we don't have to fancy our self up to go to him(quite the opposite in fact), and He is consistent.

thankful to celebrate the birth of Christ today and every day.

merry christmas!!
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We're In!

it's true. we are in our new place. i can't wait to show you around! my family has been eager to see our progress. so here ya go, familia. let's start with the beginning...

and can we have a quick chat before we start? will you do a little dance with me? i am, clearly, not a pro blogger...these pictures will jump all over the place, but if you follow along, i'll explain where we are along the way. 

brace yourself for some before photos...

 okay, this room is our living room, or family room...where we will spend most of our time. notice the sliding glass doors and outdoor patio to the left...that is now part of the kitchen.
 this is a view from our kitchen looking into the dining room and front room. there is no longer a door here, and some walls are missing, too.
 this is the front room that connects to the dining room in the previous picture. and yes, we are keeping those drapes:)

 this is a view from the family room looking into the entry way. we kept that vintage red brick, and i'm so glad we did. i think it adds charm, and breaks up all of the(now dark stained) wood.
 this is another view from the family room looking into the front room. this will be helpful later, that entry wall opening has changed.
 this is a view from the front door looking in. see that back patio with the sliding glass doors again? think kitchen!
 this is a view from the entry way down the hall. all of the bedrooms and bathrooms are down here.
 this is a view from the front room to the entry. you'll appreciate it more when you see the new openings.
that is a cute little nephew head, who currently hearts flash lights. those two walls are gone.

afters and some fun projects coming sooooon.
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