Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Party Favors

I love throwing parties and I LOVE making cutie party favors. One of my very closest friend's is expecting a sweet baby girl, and some good friends and I could not help but throw a party. I was inspired by a gift idea I saw recently and decided to make these fun party favors for Baby Maci.

Okay, here is the run down. First I bought these cute little "buttons" on a free standing cube thing at Michaels Craft Store. They were a bargain. A group of 24 cost less than $5. This came in handy later because we were only expecting a handful of guests. I got to be choosy about which prints I liked since I had more than enough pieces. I placed a glittery letter on the top of each piece. I bought these in the sticker section of Michaels as well. I used the letter "M" to represent Baby Maci, the letter "S" to represent the Shaw Family (Maci's mom and Dad), and the letter "L" to represent Maci's mom's first name. This allowed me to maximize my use of one packet of letters.

Next I put a small hole in the top of each piece. I lightly tapped a nail with a hammer on the front and backside of the top of each piece (don't forget to put something underneath while you hammer, or to hammer over a surface that won't mind inheriting an indention). Then, I went to my local hardware store and bought these little key rings. I liked that they weren't as stiff and big as normal key rings. I threaded them through the top of each piece.

And there you have it. These are cute little key rings. I encouraged each guest to pray for this sweet family and the little one they are expecting according to the letter on their key ring (people with "m" pray for Maci, people with "s" pray for the Shaws...). Hopefully they will see the key ring daily and pray for this sweet family daily!

P.S. And if you are making a party favor for a sweet baby girl, you might as well wrap a tiny party favor in a tiny pink box:) You can get the tiny pink boxes at Hobby Lobby.

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