Sunday, December 25, 2011

merry christmas

merry christmas to you and yours. 

marriage has taught me much about Christ's love. Christ loves us at our worst, we don't have to fancy our self up to go to him(quite the opposite in fact), and He is consistent.

thankful to celebrate the birth of Christ today and every day.

merry christmas!!
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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

We're In!

it's true. we are in our new place. i can't wait to show you around! my family has been eager to see our progress. so here ya go, familia. let's start with the beginning...

and can we have a quick chat before we start? will you do a little dance with me? i am, clearly, not a pro blogger...these pictures will jump all over the place, but if you follow along, i'll explain where we are along the way. 

brace yourself for some before photos...

 okay, this room is our living room, or family room...where we will spend most of our time. notice the sliding glass doors and outdoor patio to the left...that is now part of the kitchen.
 this is a view from our kitchen looking into the dining room and front room. there is no longer a door here, and some walls are missing, too.
 this is the front room that connects to the dining room in the previous picture. and yes, we are keeping those drapes:)

 this is a view from the family room looking into the entry way. we kept that vintage red brick, and i'm so glad we did. i think it adds charm, and breaks up all of the(now dark stained) wood.
 this is another view from the family room looking into the front room. this will be helpful later, that entry wall opening has changed.
 this is a view from the front door looking in. see that back patio with the sliding glass doors again? think kitchen!
 this is a view from the entry way down the hall. all of the bedrooms and bathrooms are down here.
 this is a view from the front room to the entry. you'll appreciate it more when you see the new openings.
that is a cute little nephew head, who currently hearts flash lights. those two walls are gone.

afters and some fun projects coming sooooon.
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Monday, November 7, 2011


i promise, i will be back. and i have TONS to share. no clue where anything winter clothes, really anything. didn't think about that one when we packed up. we will have internet one day, and you will love all the rooms i've been working in. kiddies galore and some fab furniture!

every post should have a pic, so here is mine. my aunt says that i won't ever have a baby that looks more like me than my hanky p. for those of you who don't know, hanky p (otherwise known as hanky, hanky pank, or hank) is one of my three beloved nephews.

hanky left, linde right
also, hanky is a gentleman and does wear pants. he was at his check-up...hence no pantalones.
what do you think?

he also only eats cheese and bread. no resemblance there.

notice the womble nose, it makes a v shape. always. from nostril to nostril there is a little "v." it is their little stamp that makes no one doubt michael is their daddy.

anywhoo, there is an update. more to come. two weeks and we are in. then, updates galore.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I haven't forgotten you...

dear bloggies,

i have not forgotten you. i am in the process of moving, and renovating, and living in more than one place. things are a little nutty. i cannot wait to update you with recent projects and pictures from our place. i might even have to start doing a weekly update of projects from our casa. we will see.

what is a post without a picture?
owen and i feel the same about in and out. don't you love the lil stickers on his shirt?

ps owen, so ready to start slumber parties with you now that we live less than 5 minutes apart. love you, bubba!
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Monday, September 12, 2011

little known facts

i am on vacation. in honor of being away from work, here are some random facts about me, in my life away from work. 
here we go:
i make my bed every day
(and this guy makes it when i don't)
i sleep on the side of the bed that is closest to the door ( i need to be able see the robbers when they come after us...)
my toes are so short they barely touch the ground, and are always painted(i do need to clarify that they do leave toe prints in the sand:))
i have really vivid dreams (i think it is because i imagine stuff that isn't real for people every day. for example, i walk in a home office and see a baby's room totally painted, furnished and complete...for a baby that hasn't been born yet)
i am a picky eater. jeff asked me what foods i didn't like when we were dating. i told him i should probably just tell him the foods i do like (grilled cheese is my favorite food)
i don't drink coffee or tea and rarely drink soft drinks. abbe says its weird to see me drink anything brown.
somehow, the conversation came up with my college roomies about shower routine. as in, they have one. they all do the same thing in the shower every morning. what? do you have a shower routine? 

hope you are enjoying your week and that you snuck in a vacation this summer. i am so glad to be on ours!

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hank T.

problem: hank t. needs a little cowboy chic in his nursery
solution: hand painted chevron walls, custom name painting, and custom painted dresser

a little insider scoop...any client project that starts out with the home owners letting you know they plan to name their baby boy, hank, is gonna be good. why? because all i picture is this guy.
my lil hanky panky
(sporting half of his halloween costume)

he's grown...

(*sigh* and big brother woody has grown, too)
and you should know that hank said "ninde!" on speaker phone this week. he was hardly prompted and said it quite clearly. and my heart started to melt. even more than my body has been melting painting in the garage this summer...leaving me feeling like i'm roughly 102 years old. 

okay, on to the good stuff.

i was so excited about this one that i let you skip the rest of the before shots. let's back up a little.
more before

more after

there are many more details in the works in this room. cowboy chic bedding, a sheepskin rug, closet doors, glider, artwork... but this is a sneak peek!

dresser details and name painting coming soon!

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Monday, August 29, 2011

Surf's Up!

problem: asher needed a little surfer vibe in his new room
solution: hand painted name detail on a surf board

this project created a personal touch that will mature with asher as he grows, and will also serve as great art for the wall.

happy monday!
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Monday, August 22, 2011

Jamie Lee

my cousin jamie lee came in for the weekend and we had fun making some goodies for her first dorm at ACU! we are so proud of jamie!

we took this ikea frame
and turned it into this

then we took some plain pillows and painted in her monogram and name

we love you, jamie lee! we know that you will flourish at ACU. hang in there through the is so worth it!
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