Thursday, February 25, 2010

canvas and dresser

here is a quick post for ya! i did these canvases for a little girl and little boy room. the little girl wanted a whimsical chandelier canvas and another that coordinated. the little boy wanted a canvas that was mainly gray and had their school logo and mascot in it (the R shape in the circle and the yellow jackets). and the boy canvases needed to be sophisticated instead of like a poster. oh, and the dresser below had an unfortunate "mural" on it. so, i painted that out, put new hardware on it and silver leafed it.

here is what i came up with:




Anyone else looking forward to the weekend? Have a great Thursday!

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Caroline Jane

i recently did a dresser for caroline jane, yet to make her entry into the world. her momma is crazy about pink and brown and full of good ideas. here is what we came up with.


there are three drawers behind the center door. so much storage!

a couple (fuzzy) detail shots
these mirrors came with the dresser, so i refinished them, also.

and last, my trusted assistant on the project.

have a good week!

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

heirloom piece

ahhh, one of my loves. i LOVE getting to work on family pieces. this piece was in the owners' baby rooms when her kids were little. it has managed to stick around her house over the years. the home owner was inspired by blue, age and pattern. what a fun concept. here are the results:

i forgot to take before pictures. here we are in progress:
then i added a little more detail to the front for the finishing touch:
and damask to the side. i've always loved damask print:
and there you have it:

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