Monday, August 10, 2009


Ever get STUMPED about what to do with a specific area in your home? ME TOO! The hubs and I recently got a king size bed. My mom told me over and over before I got married that wiggle worm + tall husband = king size bed. Well, turns out she is SO right! I was sleeping on the couch about three nights a week and then on the floor when the couch hurt my back, so we finally caved. When our new bed arrived we realized we needed to move it to the adjacent wall for everything to fit. With the new arrangement, I lost room for a bed side table. What to do? I am not up for buying anything new because we are renting, and I want to wait to invest in pieces that I know will have a more permanent home. Soooo, I got to thinking and looking for inspiration, and came up with this... a STUMP.

(please excuse the mattress on the floor. i am almost finished refinishing our now converted (from a queen to king) head board)

**It does look completely ridiculous when you have a STUMP in the back seat of your car when taking your bestie to the airport. AND, the hubs just sighs when I call to say that their might be a tree STUMP in the back seat of the car. But, it is so worth it.**

I saw these STUMPs in different catalogues. Don't buy these babies, go get em from the curb! Just wait until beloved bulk trash day and you will have tons of options....ahhhh bulk trash day.....

And as a side note, lift with yo back not yo knees (i just looked up a link to put here with the "you can do it put your back into it" song. not appropriate. just sing the appropriate version in your head here. and don't stop get it get it until you finish singing the whooooole song:))

Good luck finding creative solutions to the areas that STUMP you in your home.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Lulu is one of my dearest friends from long, long ago! She was my first friend when I moved to Tyler.  This sweet girl who was willing to be friends with a dorky girl from Plano sure allowed me many fun memories.  She is expecting her first sweet boy this October.  (And as a side note, Walker is her maiden name and will now be the first name of her first born boy-can't get any cuter!)

Here is the $30 Craig's List treasure BEFORE:

And the changing table/dresser for baby Walker AFTER:

Now we just have to wait on the sweet boy to get here!

Happy Tuesday!

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