Monday, September 12, 2011

little known facts

i am on vacation. in honor of being away from work, here are some random facts about me, in my life away from work. 
here we go:
i make my bed every day
(and this guy makes it when i don't)
i sleep on the side of the bed that is closest to the door ( i need to be able see the robbers when they come after us...)
my toes are so short they barely touch the ground, and are always painted(i do need to clarify that they do leave toe prints in the sand:))
i have really vivid dreams (i think it is because i imagine stuff that isn't real for people every day. for example, i walk in a home office and see a baby's room totally painted, furnished and complete...for a baby that hasn't been born yet)
i am a picky eater. jeff asked me what foods i didn't like when we were dating. i told him i should probably just tell him the foods i do like (grilled cheese is my favorite food)
i don't drink coffee or tea and rarely drink soft drinks. abbe says its weird to see me drink anything brown.
somehow, the conversation came up with my college roomies about shower routine. as in, they have one. they all do the same thing in the shower every morning. what? do you have a shower routine? 

hope you are enjoying your week and that you snuck in a vacation this summer. i am so glad to be on ours!

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