Wednesday, January 25, 2012

meet chandelle

i teach a high school bible study with a couple of my besties from watermark. it is pretty funny being around high school gals. a couple of them were telling us about their high school dance. it is called chandelle(please picture chandelle written in fancy cursive letters). seriously? since when did sadie hawkins get renamed chandelle. for some reason, i thought it was hilarious and may have lost the last two cool points that i have, while trying not to snort laugh at chandelle.

the next day i was working on finishing up this chandelier for our house, and i remembered chandelle. so, of course, our new chandelier has been affectionately named, chandelle. we love her!

(i think i'm going with the goldish fabric in the background)

 below is a picture of her before she got all spruced up
i gave her a fresh coat of paint and changed her pointy light bulbs to little round ones. i also decided to forgo shades for a more modern look.
might have learned a little life lesson from chandelle. when your huz has both hands above his head, sweat dripping from his head, is balancing on a step stool and is working by the light of a flash light to install your freshly painted chandelier he might not want suggestions on how to do the install...i bet you didn't know that! :)
ps thank you aunt suzi for saving this piece for us...we really love it!
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