Monday, January 23, 2012

New Things

i was telling jeff the other night at dinner that i wish i blogged more. i get to see so many fun spaces that, i think, would inspire you! the thing that holds me back is feeling like i have to get perfect photos and then write and write and write. well, i'm going to take a different approach. somedays, i may write more, but more often, i am just going to give you a glimpse of where i am working and what i am up to. and the pics will be from my phone, most days.

so here ya go.
i finished up refinishing these fireplace screens on monday.
 this particular screen was was solid metal with tons of burn/welding marks when it arrived. 
i gave it a warm champagne finish with a bronze glaze.
  this next fireplace screen is in the mama's retreat. it is a secret room that opens from a hidden bookcase in the hallway. the stair case in the back connects to the master.   
one of the littles in this family asked if she could watch me paint. she is four. oh she was so adorable. she kept asking when i had to leave and would sigh when i told her soon. melt me.
the little gal also asked if i ever cry. i told her that i do cry when i feel sad, but try not to cry when i'm just feeling like acting ugly. she said, "me, too." :) apparently, santa visits little girls who practice being sweet when they are feeling like acting ugly.
 i painted this screen solid gold with a warmer gold glaze. i added a wax gold rub to the inset areas.
 instagram eats all of my detail work in this shot, but you get the idea. 
have a good one!

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