Monday, June 15, 2009


I am loving the metallic trend!  

You can find me wearing these

or these

or these.

And wishing I was carrying any one of these.

And painting with these

If you haven't tried these metallic paints you are missing out.  I love Modern Masters Metallic Paints, specifically.  Warm Silver, Anitique Bronze, and Smoke have become instant favorites!  They are SO easy to use.  They brush on to practically any surface.  This is a great way to spruce up 

an unfortunate chandelier 

or some garage sale dining room chairs that fall apart almost every time the hubs sits in them.  

I have used metallic paints in formal spaces, dining areas, and even baby Hudson's nursery.

Don't miss out on the mmmmmmetallics!

And P.S.  remember the demi-john/glass jug crave I was telling you about?  I gave in...or mom helped me give in:)  Gotta love a good thrift store find.  Treasures are worth the hunt, I tell ya. (I am going to put a branch in here soon, just haven't made it that far yet)

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  1. I love your blog because you are so inspiring! I would have NEVER thought to paint a chair in a metallic but it looks SO good.

    We're moving soon and you can totally expect a call from me asking you to take care of many nooks and crannies in our house! I love everything you do!!