Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I went home for Memorial Day.  My parents live on the lake and had their second annual Memorial Day Party over the weekend.  They had some of their friends from church out for dinner and to play in the water.  I saw some friends I haven't seen in a while!  One family I saw is the McCowns.  This is where Ava comes into play.  Back when I first started the business the McCown's let me work on their son Corbin's room.  This was really helpful at the time.  It allowed me to get some good photos for my fresh out of college portfolio:)  They later hired me to work on Ava's room.  In the McCown family you get a new room when you turn 5.  They don't worry too much about the rooms before then.  They hit this transitional age, make the room special, and have a great room for the majority of the child's years at home.  Sounds pretty great if you ask me!

They already had her bedding, so we worked from there.  Here are the results.  By the way, my Dad loves the before and after pictures of people who have terrible teeth and then get them fixed.  In his honor, here are some before and after pictures of Ava's room:)



Happy Tuesday.

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