Sunday, February 19, 2012

Recurring Dream

do you have any recurring dreams? as i've said before, i'm a vivid dreamer. i also dream often. i have had several recurring dreams through different seasons of my life.
since getting engaged, quite a while back, one of them always has to do with this guy.
(jeff with his beloved family bichon, buddy)
i have this dream in some fashion every so often.
last night it went like this. i dreamed that we were in school, and i had bangs, and we were invited to go to hungary on a mission trip.
to get to go, we had to sell cucumbers to raise support:). 
in my dream, jeff and i are not married, and don't know each other very well...that part is always the same. in the dream, i walk past a picnic style lunch table and see jeff sitting there.
i know instantly he is the man i want to marry BUT i'm pretty sure he isn't interested(clearly a dream...just kidding:))
i decide to ask jeff to build a website to help me sell cucumbers so that i can go on the trip and to gage his interest in going on the trip.
anyway, the dream goes on and on, always a bit differently. in this particular dream i also hung out with my high school tennis buddy, ellen! hi ellen!
here's the thing that almost always happens the same. the end of the dream comes, and i realize i am married to that guy that i am so attracted and drawn to.
what fun!
i love this reminds me that i love being married. i genuinely love it. there are definitely moments where we choose our flesh, and selfishness wins...those moments are hard. really hard. there are also many moments when we put God first, enjoy each other, rather than expecting one to complete the other, and it's pretty fun. a picture of what's to come.

*wedding photo by taylor jackson*

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