Monday, November 1, 2010


This is another project that I completed with my talented friend, Erin. Baylie and Erin found an amazing wall covering that inspired the design for this room. They placed the order and got cracking on everything else. Once almost everything was complete they got the call that the wall covering was not available...nice. Sooooo, Erin called me and I painted this plain wall covering to match the original, detailed, wall covering.
I wish we had an overall shot of the room. This paper is the feature wall. It looks busy here, but in reality it is the perfect touch for this simple, sophisticated space. And is this space fun or what?We wanted to achieve an overall uniform look. For that reason, I created three templates mimicking the pattern work in the original design. Then I placed the templates against the wall in the appropriate spaces and painted through them. I never measure for pattern looks to harsh and "off." I just place the pattern work in the appropriate place and work the overall space as a whole...the wall is my canvas!I think the end result turned out more interesting than the original paper. Thanks, Baylie and Erin for having the vision to see this project through!

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