Thursday, July 30, 2009


This week I got to work on a room for Katie.  Katie is 7 and is getting a new room!  Her mom painted the room yellow, bought new bedding, and hung a few shelves.  She wanted me to paint something in Katie's room.  When I met with her she said that she wanted something small but significant.  I thought that was a great way to put it.  I have done several of these name/monogram with painted detail lately.  It is a really great way to add a significant, special touch to a room, without investing in the entire room.  Here you have it.

Katie's yellow room, new bedding and shelves before we add in the hand painting.

Day 1 progress (Shelf inserts complete.  Katie can tack up pictures of her friends in the padded shelf inserts.  Hand painted detail in progress)
And Day 2, the finished product.  I should mention that Katie LOVES softball.  We added in a subtle softball theme to the painted detail to highlight her current interest.  However, if Katie later decides softball is not her thing, all we have to do is paint out the tone on tone stitches and they will just be polka dots.  Who doesn't love some polka dots?

Happy almost weekend!!

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