Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Favorite Giraffe

So a little over a year ago, my sister had a sweet baby boy.  BUT the story gets better.  When Abbe found out that she was preggers, she decided that she wanted to wait until she delivered to find out the gender of the baby.  This is where the fun begins. Abbe had her nurse write down the sex of the baby on a card and gave it to me.  I got to be the only person to know if Avery was Avery Blake or Avery Kate before he was born.  It was really fun.  I was in charge of getting the nursery together for Abbe.  She wanted to be in the loop with what things were going to look like, but did not want to know whether she was having a boy or girl.  This gave me the idea to do a giraffe nursery.  Khaki and cream could be the main colors and gender nuetral.  This way Abbe could be involved in the bulk of what was going on in her nursery, and watch the progress of things .   I selected fabric for a girl and boy and then told her I would either add pink and orange accents for a girl, or lime green and blue accents for a boy.  The plan was for me to finish everything but the accent colors about a month before her due date, and then to add in the final, gender determining, touches right before her due date.  Since she delivered a month early, we didn't get quite that far along in the process ahead of time, but we did get a finished product eventually:)

This dresser belonged to my Papa who passed away a couple of Christmas' ago.  It is so fun to have a special heirloom treasure to incorporate.  Some of our very favorite memories are with Papa!

Abbe loves her some monograming!  This is a fun idea.  After Avery outgrows his room and is way too cool to have his name on the wall, Abbe can take the "A" from his name and put it in a shadow box in the hall to remember his first room.  I think this will be really sweet one day to have a wall of shadow boxes with all your baby's first room momentos.

And a sweet picture of my very favorite giraffe:)  Such a cutie!  If this boy ever turns up missing, don't check Aunt Linde's house!  There is no way I would ever snatch this kid, nope not even a chance;)


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  1. This is so cute!!! Hope you're doing well.