Thursday, May 7, 2009

Black is Back

I am so thrilled that the color black is making a come back! While a sweet baby girl in pink and brown will always be adorable, I am glad to have something with a little "kick" reappear. The color black adds great accents to any space.
I have talked to several frustrated clients when they go to a paint store to grab some black paint and see the sea of "black" swatches. They walk away so annoyed, and with a greenish/blueish/blackish quart of paint. I thought I would share my favorite black with you. I have used this for client's cabinetry, moldings, and furniture. I have also used this color to help all of my personal mis match furniture coordinate.

So there you have it! Here is my favorite black in action. Tricorn Black SW 6285

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  1. Hi Linde!!! Of course I remember you!! how fun to find you in blogland--I LOVE the work you have posted on your blog-you are extremely good at what you do! And how funny that you know Aubrey and Matt through some friends of yours. Small world. Are you and Jeff in Nashville, or are you guys in Texas?

  2. i miss you! you are so talented and i love the new blog! when are you coming to Austin with Jeff's fam? we def need to catch up!

  3. Hey Linde! Yay for a cute blog! I will check back often- love what you have blogged about so far!