Wednesday, June 15, 2011


problem: green guest room needs to become harper's nursery.
solution: soft pink walls with damask detail and specialty name painting
(please excuse my flash issues in the first two)

these pictures will take you on a tour around the room starting at the doorway and ending on the wall to the left of the window(in the same order as the before photos).

(*update* we now have an adorable leopard print, toile and pink silk window treatment installed. i'll snap updated pictures next time i am out there and will post them with a link to this post)

now for some detail shots...

detail of harper's name

detail shot of damask print

this is an odd crop, but shows how the custom name painting, wall treatment, and refinished crib all fit together.

**the pictures appear blurry in my window until i click on them. if they are blurry on your screen, click on them to enlarge and they will be clear.
ps in case you missed the link, click here, to see pictures of the cream crib in this room before it was refinished...
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