Monday, August 2, 2010

It's coming...

The date has been set. Taylor's little fingers may fall off. I have (finally!) booked Taylor to come shoot a bunch of recent work so that I can do another six week series of updates. I know you are all losing sleep over the lack of work posted lately. The last Friday in September is the day! Prepare yourselves for baby nurseries, furniture, model homes and pictures galore!

Until then here is a project in the works and a television cabinet.



I have been on a kids' room kick lately. Let me tell ya, it has been fun! I had to send pictures of this to a designer friend and thought I would share them. Typically I rip these out of my book and let the home owners hang on to them during the deicsion making process. So, I thought I would share them since I actually had them. I am so excited about this project. I love a modern twist on a traditional idea.

if you are wondering, she has chosen option#2 for her baby's (secret, to be revealed at birth, my kinda woman) name. i chose drew as a stand in.
Last, I feel compelled to share with anyone in driving distance of DFW about these delicious babies being on sale today. Go wait in line. It is so worth it. Just don't mix your cookies. Or your wife will want to toss her cookies.

Happy Monday!

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