Thursday, March 25, 2010

this $30 craig's list dresser needed some serious love!

the old, not so beautiful hardware

i filled in all of the detail work on the dresser. i wanted a nice smooth surface with no detail since i added the bold stripes.
don't you love those built in polka dot things!
do you guys ever shop at tjmaxx home goods? you should check it out. i got the lamps there for a steal!

with a name as cute as hank, it has to be on the wall!

the bedding was our jumping off point!
and there you have it. some of the details in hank's room! here is a tip for you! go ahead and buy enough fabric to make a duvet out of your crib fabric. then all you have to do when baby transitions is move them to a big bed and use the fabric you have to make a duvet that matches the room. this way you can get at least 5+ years out of their sweet nursery!

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