Thursday, January 28, 2010

hand painted letters

I am constantly telling clients about hand painted letters. They are great for kids rooms and nurseries. I encouraged my sister to have them in her baby boy's room so that she will have a piece of her firstborn's nursery with her forever. After Avery is too cool for hand painted letters in his room (gulp), Abbe can have the first letter of his hand painted letters framed in a shadow box and a little plaque made with his birthday and name. How cute would it be to have a hallway of framed letters and birthdays reminding you of the first room your little babies stayed in? Personally, I wouldn't mind having an entire hallway full (hehehe!) Here are some I've done recently.

I made these letters for my friend, Molly, and her little muffin, Titus.

This precious picture was taken by the fabulous, Rachel Debell. Check her out!

These are Walkers. Walker is the sharpest dressed man I know!

Betsy Marie took these photos. She specializes in maternity, newborn and children. Soooo talented! Be sure to visit her site also.

These are Owens. Dear Owen, please hurry and get here. Aunt Linde is dying to meet you!!

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